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Arafat Tekstil, which started its activities in the home textile sector in 2002, exports to 82 countries with the brand Arolife today. Arafat Tekstil, which has become one of the companies that steer the sector in exports with its Arolife brand products, reflects its 17 years of experience in the field of home textiles to its products and services quickly with its R&D. Arafat Textile, which stepped into the sector with weaving, today includes Embroidery, Embroidery, Armül, Knitting, Printing and Accessory products and serves its valuable customers in many parts of the world with its rich product range.


Arolife has adopted a philosophy that prioritizes quality and aesthetics, focuses on people and the environment, does not compromise on honesty in commercial relations, and values customer satisfaction above all else, and continues to work with its Esteemed Employees and Valued Business Partners without slowing down.


Our Mission :

  • To maintain our export success by producing exclusive and value-added products under the Arolife brand.

  • To show our leadership in fulfilling our responsibilities towards society and the environment by conducting our business in accordance with ethical values.

  • To provide fair attitude, teamwork, open communication, personal reliability and opportunities for development by ensuring that our working environment is safe and efficient.

  • To maintain our tradition and culture in the best way possible.


Our vision :

  • To lead the products and services offered at universal quality and standards in the Home Textile sector as a result of high efficiency and investments.


Our Values:

  • Integrity in ourselves, in our environment and in our relations with customers

  • Solution oriented teamwork

  • Humane view, humane behavior, humane life

  • Taking care not to harm nature, using resources consciously and protecting them with environmental awareness

Human Resources :

The satisfaction of our employees is very important to us, and their heartfelt efforts are also very valuable to us. We know the value of this and we care about showing them the respect they deserve.


Arafat & Brodem Textile Company.

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